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Dark Blues Music to Escape to...

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You've been asking for the Ultimate Playlist of my Dark Swamp Blues Guitar songs, so here it is! I scoured the videos I’ve posted of the years, and put together a compilation of all of the best dark blues vibes I could find for all of you who love to drift off into the mysterious unknown…
If you want a CD or Digital Download of these tracks, I have included a list of the titles, and albums that the songs are on. Most of the newer tracks will be included on the upcoming “Bootleg Series Vol. 4,” so make sure you keep an eye out for that release! All of my music is available at: https://www.justinjohnsonstore.com
All songs Written and performed by Justin Johnson
0:00 “Son of a Witch” (Bootleg Series Vol: 3 Son of a Witch)
4:54 “Whispered the Winter Witch”
11:59 “Ghost of the Mountain” (Bootleg Series Vol: 3 Son of a Witch)
17:36 “Lost in the Storm”
24:03 “When that Full Moon Rises” (If Walls Could Talk)
28:02 “Spanish Moss”
35:11 “Blood Moon”
42:21 “Caught in the Fog”
46:06 “Exit 2020” (Bootleg Series Vol: 3 Son of a Witch)
52:06 “Saturday Mourning”
60:00 “New Orleans Heavy Swamp Blues”

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